Saturday, July 26, 2008

Olympics here we come!!

So Meg is a total nut in the pool.   About a month ago she started walking off our step in the pool and going under water.   The last few weeks she has started to kick and move her arms to bring her to the top.   She is a maniac and I can't take my eyes off her for a minute.   She is always trying to swim and loves to hold her breath.   Tate is pretty chill, thank goodness.   He basically jumps to me and I put him on the step and jumps again.    They definitely wear me out by the end of the day trying to keep them from drowning.   

Pucker up

Yes, I know you could just eat him up couldn't you?   I kiss him about 50 times a day and still don't get enough lovin.   Tate is already a ladies man.   He flirts with women everywhere we go.   With the crazy hair and beautiful blue eyes we are in for it when he is a teenager.   

Fun in the sun

So having a pool is about the coolest thing ever.   When I was little I would dream about having a pool in my backyard and now I do.   I had to move to AZ to have one, but I love it!!!    We swim about everyday, because in AZ in 110+ it is the best thing to do.   Getting in and out of the car with three kids is very hot and painful.    We are usually out and about in the morning and in the afternoon after naps in the pool we go.  It is so nice just walking out back to swim without lugging all your crap to another pool.  I told Sean I don't know how I will survive without a pool when we move.    

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Airplane drama

So we get to the airport 6:30 p.m to go home and our 8:00 p.m flight is canceled due to bad weather back east.  I was beyond frustrated.   We had 3 whiney, tired kids, 2 car seats and 6 pieces of luggage.    Fun stuff.  The next flight out was at 9:45, but then got delayed to 10:05 p.m.   We were just grateful to get a flight out.   The flight home thank goodness was awesome(thank you tylenol).   Tate and Avery slept the whole time and Meg just played.  No major break downs, which was very surprising with how late it was.   Finally, after some chaotic few hours we made it home about midnight, which was 1:00am UT time.  We were all exhausted, but had a fun trip.

Dressin up

Everyone who knows Avery she is a dress up nut.   She always wants to dress up regardless where we are.    We were over at my brother Michael's house in UT and of course she and her cousin Ahna were playing dress up.   They are about 2 years apart, but playing pretty well together.  Ahna already has great fashion sense.  I love the glasses.


The kids loved the fireworks this year.   The babies were a little hesitant with the sparklers, but they loved watching all of the others.

Provo Parade

I love the Provo parade.   I have gone every year since I was a kid and I have great memories of it. So of course I wanted to take my kids this year.  I went with my parents, brother and his kids.   Tate is obsessed with airplanes, so when the jets flew over he went nuts.  He kept pointing and saying "bairpane".  So cute.   They also loved the balloons and music.  We had fun.

Happy 4th!

I love the 4th of July, but not in AZ.  It is always too hot to go and watch fireworks and there is not a lot to do down here that day. We went to Utah for the 4th.  I love Utah for the 4th.  They have great fireworks and it seems like there is always something going on.    The weather is a lot better too this time of year.    We flew up and stayed for a week.  We had a lot of fun seeing our family and friends that we hadn't seen for a year.   I was suppose to stay longer, but Tate was sick and not sleeping.   So I flew home early with Sean.  Sorry to all of you that I had made plans with this week and next week.  We'll catch ya next time!