Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meg's potty training

So for a few weeks now Meg has been totally ready to be potty trained, but I haven't been.    I don't have a choice.  I cannot have 3 kids in diapers, so today was the day.   We got the magic potty out and took Meg's clothes off, she sat down and went to the bathroom.   We were all shocked.   She was so proud of herself.   We all screamed and did the potty dance.  Yeah, I'm hot dancing at the stage of pregnancy.   She got a chocolate chip and put a sticker on her chart and she thought she was pretty cool.   It was so funny.   After that she kept saying "go potty" and she would run and sit down and pee.  She was naked all day long.  She did have one accident when we went to the park tonight.  I put her in training pants and she pooped in them.  I knew that was coming.   Overall, it was a very successful day.    Tate on the other did make some progress today. 
Every time I even would mention going pee pee on the potty he would say "No potty and no panties".   But today he was so jealous of the candy Meg was getting her kept saying "diaper off" and would sit down then ask for the candy without doing anything.  I will try him again in a few weeks.   One down one to go.

Kindergarten Graduation

Yes, I know.  I am a sucker for matching dresses for the girls.

Avery's teacher, Ms. Warren.

Yes, it is official.  Avery is now a first grader.  Very crazy.  On May 21st they had a little program at her school and sang some songs.  It was adorable.

Hawaiian Outfits

So while we were in Hawaii we bought the kids matching clothes.  The girls are in dresses and Tate a shirt.  I love these outfits.  They all look adorable in them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy twins

So this last week the twins have been a little extra crazy.   On Tuesday I was getting ready to take the kids to the park and usually they run out and climb into their stroller.   Today as I went to grab my sunglasses I hear Meg screaming and I look over and she is hanging on to the garage door as it is going up.  It was a pretty scary sight.  I ran over and grabbed her down before she got any higher.  Thank goodness she is a monkey and was able to hold on and not fall.   That same day I was getting dressed after the shower and Tate came up and pointed to my chest and said "boobies".   Lately he has been pointing them out to me.  I said yes, Tate they are and then he tried to touch them.   I told him not to touch my boobies and he said "I want to touch your boobies."  Then I told him again that we don't touch them and he said "I want to touch".   He is a crazy boy that says the craziest things.   He is a little parrot and copies everything everyone says, so I already have to be careful around him.   

Also, last week the twins started swimming lessons.  By day 3 Meg was totally swimming half way across the pool.   She is wild.   The program is awesome and I hope Tate is swimming by the end of this week, but he is not as daring as she is.   I will post a video of her swimming later.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

28 weeks pregnant

So I was 28 weeks pregnant in Hawaii, so I thought I would take a picture.   FYI don't get stuck on a plane when you are this prego.   I had a really hard time being uncomfortable and probably couldn't have done it if I was any farther along.

Hawaii, again

Sunset in Poi'Pu
Since I was so uncomfortable on the beach, Sean dug a hole for my belly.
The Marriott hotel where we stayed.

The view from one of the hotels overlooking the beach.
Another pic of the sunset.

Hawaii, cont'd

An awesome sunset in Poi'pu.
Snorkeling in Poi'Pu
I don't look 71/2 months prego do I?
Another view from the lighthouse.

Kauai, HI

The beautiful Kalauea lighthouse.   The view from the lighthouse was amazing
Waimea falls.   We wanted to hike down, but it was a 4 hour rough terrain hike.   I am not ready to go into labor this early and have a baby in Hawaii, so we didn't go.

Na Pali coast line.   This was my favorite place that we saw.   The picture doesn't do it justice.
Eating at Dukes in our hotel.   We ate here three times.  It was so yummy.
Spouting Horn.   We were able to see sea turtles, but couldn't get a good picture of them.

So Sean and I had the chance to go to Kauai for a week.  Our original plan was to go there for our 10 year anniversary which is in November.   Then when I got pregnant that kinda changed things.  So we decided to go just a few months earlier to celebrate it.   We were lucky to have my in-laws come the first half of the week to watch the kids and then my parents for the last half of the week.
We had a blast and it was so weird to be away from the kids that long.  Ever since the twins were born, I have been going 100 miles an hour, so it was so nice to get away and relax.   The only downfall was, since I am in my last trimester we couldn't do a lot of the activities that we had planned on.   We were able to do some awesome hikes, site seeing and of course laying on the beach and snorkeling.   Thank you to such great parents for taking on our kids.  I know that they all went home exhausted, but we really appreciate it.