Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas cont'd...

Christmas morning we heard Meg talking in her bed around 7am.  Around 7:10 Tate started talking also.   We thought for sure Avery would've been up by now, because she was so excited the night before.   Around 7:30 I got up and went into the girls room.  Avery of course was out cold.   I had to wake her up.  How many kids do you have to wake up on Christmas morning?   It was unbelievable.    So we got the camera's ready and told the kids to wait in the kitchen until we were ready.    When they came out and saw what Santa left they were ecstatic.   The twins got battery operated quads.  Avery got a razor scooter and a doll that poops and pees.   Like I don't have enough of that going on around here.   They got games, cars, dolls, and more toys.   We had a great morning.   Later that day we went outside to play and then  over to our friend's for a delicious Christmas dinner.   
It rained most of the day, so it felt a little more like Christmas this year for me.

Christmas Morning!!!!

Christmas Eve after Santa visited the Cramer household.   Everyone, but ma and pa were nestled in their beds.  Notice my half decorated tree.   The ornaments slowly started to move upward with two two year olds running around.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we let the kids open one present.   The twins were very into it this year and totally understood what was going on.

Christmas Eve 2008

For Christmas this year we stayed home and didn't have any family coming, so we did the next best thing spending it with friends.   We had soup at our friends across the street with some of our neighbors who didn't have family here either.   We ate soup and tracked Santa.  The kids played and we had a great time.  
When we were getting ready to go home, I asked Avery what she wanted to leave Santa.    She said cookies, but I then asked her if we should leave him something different since everyone gives him cookies.   She then said "what about chips and salsa?"   I was very excited with that idea, so we didn't have to go home and make cookies.    It was a great Christmas Eve.

Church Christmas Party

Avery got the chance to sit on Santa's lap at our ward Christmas party.     The twins were anxiously waiting for their turn, but Santa came too late and they were pooped.  Sean stayed with Avery and I took the twins home to bed.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Miracle baby # 4

Yes people you read it right.   We are prego with # 4.   I am still in shock too, so don't feel bad.   About 6 months ago we couldn't decide whether to have one more or be finished having kids for good.   I felt their may be one more for us, but with our infertility history I wasn't sure.    We decided that if the Lord had one more little Cramer for us he would send one our way and sure enough he did.   We call it our miracle drug free baby.   It took a year and fertility drugs to get Avery.   We did IUI 7 times, major fertility drugs and still didn't get the twins until 2 1/2 years later.   We feel that this baby is a major blessing and is meant to be in our family.    We are very excited and a little nervous to have 4 kids and 3 kids under 3.  Avery will be 6 1/2 and the twins 2 1/2.  I will be busy, but I just keep telling myself that the Lord doesn't give you anything that you can't handle.   If I can make it through twins this should be a cakewalk right?  

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

Last night we decorated our Christmas tree.   The twins were all over it and hanging stuff everywhere.   Tate would grab the balls off the tree and yell basketball!   Thank goodness  they were the shatterproof balls from Costco.    
I was trying to keep the tree very neat and organized and after about 5 minutes I told Avery to put them wherever.
I figure what is wrong with a crazy looking tree right?   It makes for a great memory.