Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Avery's toothless smile!

Avery lost her two front top teeth within one week of each other. I love her smile, but it also makes me realize that my baby is growing up.

Easter 2010

The girls sitting with the Easter Bunny at San Tan Mall. Tate wouldn't go near him.
Here is Tate far away from the Easter Bunny.
Josie's first Easter.
Josie will be 9 months on April 10th. Six days after Easter.

We had a wonderful Easter this year. This is the first year that we had Easter dinner all by ourselves. It was very nice to celebrate with just us. We got up and the kids went crazy finding Easter eggs. Tate calls them Ooster eggs. I love watching the kids get eggs. I could do it over and over again. We talked about the Resurrection and what Jesus did for us. The kids were all so attentive when we talked about it and watched a video about what happened to Jesus. Meg and Tate talked about it all day. They kept saying that mean men hurt Jesus and put nails in his hands and feet. I was amazed that they really listened to us. Later that day we had a ham dinner and went for a walk. It was a great Easter and I am so grateful for what my Savior has done for us.

Spring Block Party

Tate sitting in the fire truck. He kept going in and out of it. He loved it!
Avery and Sean in the Gilbert SWAT car.

So our street decided to have a block party a few weeks ago before it gets too hot. We had a parade, bouncys, the Gilbert Swat and Fire Department came. We had BBQ's all day and it was a blast.