Monday, July 12, 2010

Josie's 1st Birthday cont'd....

I love her hat.
She hated her hat.

I was so sad about her cake. It didn't turn out like I had planned. Sean picked it up and he didn't know what I had asked for, so we were stuck with it. O'well. It worked.

Josie's 1st Birthday!!!

I can't believe my baby is already one year old. This year has gone so fast. Josie is such a sweet good baby. She loves to play with her siblings and be involved with everything they are doing. She started taking steps last month then crawled a few weeks ago. Not full on walking yet, but I'm sure it will be very soon. Josie has brought so much joy into our family and we feel she completes our family so well. I can't imagine our lives with out her. She loves to wave at everyone and points at everything now. We were leaving for Utah the day after her birthday, so we were busy packing and getting ready to go. So we just went to dinner for her and had cake. She wasn't a fan of the cake just like my other kids, but she liked her present. It was a great day!

4th of July!

Avery in CA with Grandma and Grandpa Cramer
JoJo's first 4th of July!

This 4th of July was a little different. Avery was in CA with her grandma and we had planned to be in Utah, but that didn't work out. It fell on a Sunday this year, so the Saturday before our friends had a party where they had a slip and slide and a big blow up slide. The twins loved it!
That night we went to dinner and then Sunday went to church and Sean took the kids to Tumbleweed park for fireworks. They had fun, but Sean didn't take pictures of them.

On the move!

On June 15th Josie decided to take her first steps. About 2 weeks later, she started crawling. Boy has my life changed really fast. She is all over the place and loving it. To be honest, I liked it more when she just sat there and played with her toys. O'well, my baby is growing up!