Sunday, August 16, 2009

The first month with Josie

Avery has been awesome with Josie.  She loves to hold her and gives her a binky when she cries without me asking her.   She is such a great big sister.  She is always concerned about her and wants to be with her all of the time.   She is so excited to come home from school to be with her.  Josie is so loved.
Tate calls Josie that baby.  So when she is crying, Tate says "Mommy that baby is crying" or "That baby is hungry".   Then he always says when I'm feeding her "Mommy that baby is eating your boobie".  He is a crack up.   I wonder if he thinks that Josie is just visiting and will go away.   It took Tate about 2 weeks to finally hold her.
Meggy calls her Joshie.  It is so cute.  It has kind of stuck with me now.   She loves to hold her.  She always tells me "mommy, I hold her?"  Then I put her on her lap and Meg just lights up.  It is so sweet.   She loves to kiss her too and pet her head.   If Josie is not with us Meg always asks "Where did my baby go?"  Or "I want my baby".  She also is very curious about me nursing her.   She asks what the baby is eating and I tell her milk.  The other day she asked if she was eating pizza and french fries.  LOL.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First day of school!

Avery is now a 1st grader.  She started school yesterday.  Her teacher is Ms. Schmidt.   We all took her and Meg and Tate thought they were going to school too.   Meg had her backpack and everything.   They were sad not to stay with their big sister.  All day yesterday they asked where she was.   Very sweet.   Avery had a great day and was pretty excited when she came home.

Josie at one month!

Yes, little Josie is a month old already.   She is a very good baby.  Pretty easy going, thank goodness.   She smiled for the first time a few days ago.  So sweet.   She is very loved around here.  Meg and Tate don't leave her alone.  They always want to hold you.  Very cute.