Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter cont'd

The finished product after the Egg hunt.
Nice and relaxed since she has gotten the majority of the eggs.
He just can't handle all the excitement.
Where should I go next?


So this Easter was a lot of fun with the kids.   The twins have been obsessed with Easter eggs ever since our hunt last week.   They know that there is usually candy in the eggs and they like that idea.    We have 8:00am church, so we had do get our eggs after church.   While we were getting ready for church everyone kept checking out the eggs outside.   Tate kept saying "basket, eggs".   He was ready to go.  Meggy also kept saying "eggs, candy".   When we got home from church they were all so excited.   Avery of course was the ring leader.   We hid probably about 75 eggs, so they had a blast.   If Tate couldn't get an egg open to see what was inside he would drop it and step on it to try to get it open.   They were all about the candy this year.   All day long they would ask for it.   Very annoying.    Holidays are so much fun with little kids.   We had a blast watching all of them.

Coloring Easter Eggs

So this year was pretty interesting coloring eggs with two toddlers.   It was a little chaotic with the twins trying to put their fingers in the colors and dropping the eggs in the water and breaking the eggs.   You will notice there are only a few pictures, because all hands were on deck.  Maybe next year it will be a little easier with them.

Easter Egg Hunt

Last week we went to an Easter Egg hunt at our park.   The kids had a blast and the Easter Bunny was there.   Obviously, the twins weren't a huge fan of him.   They totally freaked out and were both crying.  I guess the bunny is a little bit scary when you are that little.   Everyone had a great time and the twins totally got the concept of getting eggs.

24 Weeks

So I have been the worst picture taker this pregnancy.   It seems like whenever I remember that I need to take a picture, no one is around to take it for me.   Only 16 weeks to go!  Hopefully less.   The pregnancy is going well and feeling pretty good.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Double Trouble

So tonight I was making dinner and all the kids were outback playing.   Then it was quite and I heard chairs being moved.   I knew right then what they were up to, so I grabbed my camera and caught them in the act.  Yep, there they were trying to open the pool fence.   Little stinkers, I couldn't help, but laugh.  Although, they did get repramandad after that.  The comforting is that if they did get the latch open they still couldn't get the door open.