Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our play set is finally done!!

So we have wanted a play set forever.   Even in Utah I really wanted one, but didn't have the room for it.   So we bought this back in May.   I kept telling Sean that he needed to get it put together before it got too hot.   Well it got hot really fast this year.   Poor Sean has worked every Saturday on this project for three months now.   He would work for a little bit then jump in the pool to cool off and then work some more.   Poor guy.   It was only 110 most of the time.   HA.  Anyway, thank you to my wonderful husband who would suffer in the heat every weekend, so his kids could play in the backyard.   We love you daddy!!!!

They are hugging and kissing when they are not trying to kill each other.   I can finally say that I love having twins.   It is so nice that they do play together and entertain each other.    With Avery I was her playmate, because she was an only child for four years.   I am so grateful that they have each other.   Yes, it is getting easier FINALLY!

Love bites!

So Meg and Tate lately have a love/hate relationship.   One minute they are hugging and kissing and playing so sweet and then the next minute Tate is hitting her and Meg is biting him.    I don't know what led to this spat, but the next thing I know Tate is running to me crying with this nice bite mark on his cheek.   It is so clear.  You can totally see the top teeth and the bottom teeth.  Crazy.  The greatest thing is that when they hurt each other they both put on an innocent face.   Like I don't know what he/she is crying.   Whatever.   This poor boy either has bite marks on his face or big goose eggs from falling all the time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Face Painting anyone?

So lately Meg and Tate's new thing is going through all my drawers in my bathroom and taking stuff out.  It is so annoying.   I am finding things from my bathroom all over the house.   The other day Tate and I were playing and Meg was off doing her own thing.   As I came to find out her own thing was climbing on the tub then onto my sink and grabbing my fingernail polish.   So she comes walking out with fingernail polish all over her face and carrying the polish.    Then I go into my bathroom and it was all over my tile.   I was pretty mad, but couldn't help laughing at her sweet face.   I still can't figure out how she managed to get it down since I put it in such a "safe place".  Nothing is safe in the Cramer house.  Thank goodness I was able to get her face clean after a good bath and my tile after some hard scrubbing.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First day of Kindergarten!!!

So the day finally arrived.  Yesterday was Avery's first day of school.  In AZ most of the schools are all day kindergarten, so Avery goes all day.    I can't believe that she is old enough to go to school.   I have had lunch every day with my little sidekick for the last 5 1/2 years.   We have done everything together.    It is crazy that she is in school!
The day started great.  Avery was super excited.   We got to school and made it to her class and my friend was already bawling.   Then to my surprise I started crying too.   What the heak is wrong with me?   I never could understand all these moms who would cry when their kid went to school.   I said I would never do that.  Yeah right.  I also said 10 years ago that I would never live in Arizona.   Ha!   Anyway, so yeah I'm a big boob!   I was able to contain myself and give Avery a hug and be on my way.   She had a great first day and doesn't want me to take her to school anymore.   She wants to ride the bus every day.   She is very outgoing which I would rather have than her bawling and not wanting to go and leave me, but come on girl!   Give your mama some time!   Needless to say she did ride the bus today.  My friend followed the bus and made sure our kids made it safe and sound.  If she wouldn't have followed the bus, I was going to.  Are we crazy or what?   Just caring moms I guess.    Way to go Avery!!  We are so proud of you!!!
The three little rascals waiting to go to school.  Let the fun begin!!!!
Avery is going to a school called Neely Traditional Academy.   It is about 15 minutes north of our house and is a back to basics school.   It is an awesome school!  We are fortunate to have Avery going there.
Avery and her new teacher Ms. Warren.   We love her already!
Avery sitting at her new desk.   Can she look any more happy to be there?   She kept waving and looking at me like get out of here mom!